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Considering a quick sale for your iPhone or another mobile? Mobile phone recycling establishments can be a game-changer. They provide a preliminary valuation, cover postage costs, and post-verification, they’ll proceed with the acquisition.

It’s crucial to discern that mobile phone recycling ventures can differ vastly. Some are infamous for modifying device price tags or neglecting customer satisfaction. MobaLoca’s purpose is to ensure you’re informed by juxtaposing these trade-in services.

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Device Central & Contact Information

Date Founded17 January 2022
AddressArgyle House, Unit 2H4, Joel St, Northwood HA6 1NW
Phone Number01923 911029
Email Address[email protected]

Device Central Trustpilot Rating

Device Central is rated 4.5 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Device Central

Summary of Positive Reviews for Device Central

Customers have expressed a high level of satisfaction with Device Central, both in terms of buying and selling phones, as well as utilizing their repair services. Here are the key points that customers love about them:

Buying Phones:

  • Customers who purchased phones (like the iPhone 11) appreciated the quick delivery and accurate condition descriptions.
  • The pricing of the phones was deemed reasonable and fair.

Selling Phones:

  • Individuals who sold their phones, even those in bad condition, were pleased with the fair and good rates offered.
  • The process of selling was often described as quick, easy, and hassle-free.
  • Customers appreciated the prompt payment following the sale of their devices.

Phone Repairs:

  • Customers found the repair services to be efficient and high-quality, with some having their phones fixed and dispatched on the same day.
  • The pricing for repairs was often less than expected and was appreciated for its affordability.
  • The company was found to be trustworthy compared to other services, which might be perceived as looking to con customers.

Customer Service:

  • Quick responses to queries and effective communication were frequently highlighted.
  • The company was praised for resending quotes and payment details promptly when customers did not receive them initially.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for sending in phones and quick provision of return labels were also appreciated.

General Appreciation:

  • Customers found Device Central to be fair in their evaluations and stuck to their original quotes.
  • The speed of the overall process, whether it be buying, selling, or repairing, was a common positive point.
  • Several customers explicitly stated that they would recommend the company to others and use their services again in the future.

In summary, customers value Device Central for their efficient, trustworthy, and customer-friendly services in buying, selling, and repairing phones.

What customers hate about Device Central

Summary of Negative Reviews for Device Central

Customers have shared several points of dissatisfaction with Device Central, involving both the buying and selling of phones, as well as the customer service experience. Here are the key points from the negative reviews:

Reduced Offers and Quoting Issues:

  • Some customers experienced reductions in the initial offers for their phones, even when they believed they had accurately described the condition.
  • There were instances where customers felt the counter-offers were unreasonable or unjustified based on the condition of the device.

Communication and Customer Service:

  • A notable concern among customers was poor communication and delayed responses from the company.
  • Some customers felt that the company was not transparent or honest in their dealings, particularly regarding the condition of sent devices.
  • There were instances where customers struggled to log in to the website or use links provided in emails from the company.

Concerns About Device Condition and Handling:

  • A few customers expressed concerns that their devices were damaged during the evaluation process or that the reported damages were not present when the devices were sent.
  • There were allegations of the company misrepresenting the condition of received devices to reduce the purchase offer.

Process and Transaction Issues:

  • Some customers felt that the transaction processes were not straightforward or were unnecessarily complicated.
  • There were instances where customers were concerned about not receiving their money or were dissatisfied with the revised offers for their devices.

General Dissatisfaction:

  • A few customers expressed a general dissatisfaction with their interactions with the company, feeling that Device Central chose minor profit gains over customer satisfaction.
  • Some customers were so dissatisfied that they mentioned escalating their concerns to legal avenues or reporting bodies.

In summary, the negative reviews highlight concerns about communication, transparency, and the handling and quoting of devices by Device Central.

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