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Finito Mobile & Contact Information

Legal NameGR Phones Ltd
Date Founded7 June 2018
AddressUnit 77 Cressex Enterprise Centre, Basepoint, Lincoln Road, High Wycombe, England, HP12 3RL
Phone Number01494 578 658
Email Address[email protected]

Finito Mobile Trustpilot Rating

Finito Mobile is rated 3.2 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Finito Mobile

Summary of Positive Reviews for Finito Mobile:

The majority of positive feedback for Finito Mobile revolves around customers selling their phones to the company. Here’s what customers appreciate about Finito Mobile:

  • Fast and Friendly Service: Customers have mentioned that Finito Mobile offers clear instructions and processes phones quickly. They appreciate being kept informed at every step by email. Even if there are potential delays in payment, some customers have received their money within a day.
  • Excellent Service: The company provides a good offer for old or redundant mobiles. The returns pack and instructions are easy to follow, and progress emails keep customers updated. Some customers received their money within two weeks of initial contact.
  • No Fuss Process: The process is straightforward, with no complications. Customers receive a quote, send their phone, and get their money. They are kept informed at all stages.
  • Fair Evaluation: While some customers received a lower payment than expected, they understood the company’s re-evaluation based on clear criteria. Payments were prompt once the evaluation was accepted.
  • Quick Payment: Some customers were wary due to negative reviews but found that Finito Mobile offered competitive rates compared to other recycling companies. Payments were received quickly without any issues.
  • Good Communication: The company provides email updates, and customers appreciate the prompt responses to their queries.
  • Hassle-Free Service: Selling old phones through Finito Mobile is described as a hassle-free process. The company even sends out a prepaid packet for customers to post their devices.
  • Trustworthiness: Despite some initial skepticism, customers found the process of selling their old mobile phones to be painless and straightforward. They received the agreed-upon price without any complications.
  • Recycling Process: The process of recycling mobile phones is smooth, with clear instructions provided at every step. Customers appreciate the ease of clearing their phones, receiving a postal pack for return, and getting payment for phones they no longer use.
  • Fair Quoting: Some customers mentioned that they were paid the amount they were quoted, even if the amount was small. They felt that the grading system was fair, and the service was satisfactory.

In conclusion, customers love Finito Mobile for its straightforward and hassle-free service, fair evaluation and quoting, quick payments, and excellent communication.

What customers hate about Finito Mobile

Summary of Negative Reviews for Finito Mobile:

Based on negative reviews from TrustPilot, the primary concerns customers have with Finito Mobile are related to the selling of phones rather than buying. Here are the main issues customers have highlighted:

  • Delayed or Non-Payment: A significant number of customers have reported that they have not received payment for their phones, even after weeks of waiting. Some have mentioned that they were given assurances that their payment was being processed or escalated, but still did not receive the money.
  • Poor Communication: Many customers have expressed frustration with the lack of communication from the company. They have mentioned not receiving responses to their emails, and when they tried calling, they were either kept on hold for extended periods or were unable to get through.
  • Issues with Offer Amount: Some customers have reported that the offer they received for their phone was significantly reduced from the initial quote. While some accepted the reduced offer, others were unhappy with the discrepancy.
  • Concerns about Authenticity: A few customers have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the company, especially due to the delayed payments and lack of communication. Some have even labeled the company as a potential scam.
  • Customer Service Issues: Apart from the communication problems, some customers have highlighted other customer service issues, such as confusion regarding the company’s address and a perceived lack of concern for customer satisfaction.
  • Company Responses: Finito Mobile has responded to some of the negative reviews, mentioning reasons such as payment processing delays and staff shortages. They have also expressed frustration with customers leaving negative reviews despite being informed of delays.
  • Other Issues: A customer mentioned receiving an email from Finito Mobile stating that they were recently burgled, which caused a delay in payments. Another customer raised concerns about potential fake positive reviews for the company.

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