Gecko Mobile: The Ultimate 2023 Review Comparison

Note: Gecko Mobile are no longer trading

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Gecko Mobile.

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Gecko Mobile & Contact Information

Legal NameGadget Recycling Limited
Date FoundedNovember 2013
AddressUnit 16, City Industrial Estate, Exeter, EX2 8DD
Phone NumberNone
Email Address[email protected]

Gecko Mobile Trustpilot Rating

Gecko Mobile is rated 4.6 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Gecko Mobile

Most positive reviews pertain to customers buying phones from Gecko Mobile rather than selling them.

Here’s what customers love about Gecko Mobile:

  1. Impressive Service: Customers have mentioned that the service provided by Gecko Mobile is impressive.
  2. Quality of Product: Many reviews highlight that the phones they received were in great working order and exceeded their expectations.
  3. Prompt Delivery: Several customers appreciated the prompt delivery of their orders.
  4. Affordability: Some customers found buying refurbished models from Gecko Mobile to be an affordable option, especially when looking for popular brands like Apple.
  5. Condition of Phones: Many reviews emphasize that the phones, even if refurbished, are in excellent or even flawless condition. Some even mentioned that the phones looked brand new.
  6. Customer Service: A few reviews highlight the excellent customer service experience, mentioning quick and helpful responses to queries.
  7. Easy Exchange/Return Process: Some customers had to exchange or return their phones due to issues, but they found the process easy and seamless.
  8. Warranty Offers: Customers appreciated the warranty offers, with some mentioning the option to extend the warranty for an additional year for free.
  9. Communication: The company’s communication, especially regarding delivery, was praised by several customers.
  10. Battery Health: Some users specifically mentioned that the battery health of the phones they received was at 100%.
  11. Easy Ordering Process: Customers found the ordering process straightforward and hassle-free.

In summary, customers seem to be very satisfied with the quality and condition of the phones they purchase from Gecko Mobile, the promptness of delivery, the affordability of the products, and the overall customer service experience.

What customers hate about Gecko Mobile

Based on reviews with 1 to 3 stars, here’s a summary of the complaints customers hate about Gecko Mobile:

  1. Buying vs. Selling: The majority of the negative reviews are from customers who tried to sell their phones to Gecko Mobile, rather than buying from them.
  2. Issues with Returns: Some customers mentioned that the company denies legal rights for returns. For instance, a customer tried to return a phone purchased via eBay but faced difficulties, and the phone was returned to them multiple times.
  3. Valuation Concerns: Several customers expressed dissatisfaction with the valuation process. They felt that Gecko Mobile provided inflated initial valuations, only to significantly reduce the offer upon receiving the device. Specific issues included:
    • Reduction in valuation if the phone’s battery is under 85%.
    • Claims of cosmetic damage and scratches on phones that customers believed were in good condition.
    • Significant reductions in offers based on questionable evaluations, such as minor scratches or battery health.
  4. Communication Issues: Many customers found it challenging to contact the company. Some mentioned that the company doesn’t respond to messages from their contact form, doesn’t provide an email address, and the phone number listed on their website doesn’t connect to a representative.
  5. Slow Service: Some customers felt that the company was slow in processing devices and addressing concerns.
  6. Warranty Issues: A customer mentioned that after a few months, their phone developed a fault, and Gecko Mobile refused to repair it under the 12-month warranty.
  7. Misleading Offers: Several customers felt that the offers and promo codes provided by the company were misleading. They felt that the company often reduced the initial offer significantly upon evaluating the device.
  8. Issues with Received Devices: A few customers who purchased phones from Gecko Mobile mentioned receiving faulty devices or devices that did not match the description.

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