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Mazuma Mobile & Contact Information

Date Founded17 August 2006
AddressSuites 5a And 5b Office Building 11, 2 Mannin Way, Caton Road, Lancaster, England, LA1 3SU
Phone Number0345 872 3000
Email Address[email protected]

Mazuma Mobile Trustpilot Rating

Mazuma Mobile is rated 4.3 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Mazuma Mobile

Summary of Positive Reviews for Mazuma Mobile:

Customers Love the Following About Mazuma Mobile:

  • Efficient and Quick Service: Customers frequently highlight the speed and efficiency of the service, often receiving payment or feedback within a day or a few days of sending their phones.
  • Ease of Use: The process of selling phones to Mazuma Mobile is often described as easy, straightforward, and hassle-free, with a simple online interface and clear instructions.
  • Transparent and Consistent Communication: Customers appreciate the regular updates and clear communication throughout the process, from confirming receipt of the phone to payment notification.
  • Reliable Payment: Payments are typically processed quickly and reliably, with many customers receiving the full quoted amount without dispute.
  • Competitive Pricing: The pricing offered for old phones is often cited as fair and competitive, contributing to customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Trustworthy: The company is perceived as trustworthy and honorable, sticking to initial valuations and making promised payments promptly.
  • Convenient: The overall convenience of the service, including aspects like free postage, quick quotes, and easy processes, is frequently praised.
  • Customer Service: Positive interactions with customer service and appreciative responses to customer reviews are noted.
  • Environmental Consideration: Some customers express satisfaction with being able to recycle their phones in a manner that is both convenient and potentially environmentally friendly.
  • Repeat Business: There are mentions of customers repeatedly using Mazuma Mobile’s services over the years, indicating a level of satisfaction that encourages loyalty.

These points summarize the positive aspects that customers have experienced with Mazuma Mobile, particularly in the context of selling phones to the company.

What customers hate about Mazuma Mobile

Summary of Negative Reviews for Mazuma Mobile:

Key Points of Customer Dissatisfaction:

  • Discrepancy in Quoted and Offered Price: A recurring issue is the significant reduction in the offered price once the phone is received by Mazuma. Customers have reported that after sending their phones, often in good condition, they were informed of issues like scratches or camera problems, which they were not aware of, leading to a reduced offer.
  • Questionable Assessment: Some customers doubt the validity of the assessments made by Mazuma on received phones. There are instances where customers, confident in the pristine condition of their phones, were told about damages or issues that they had not observed or experienced before sending the phones.
  • Inconsistent Offers: There are reports of inconsistent offers where, upon a customer rejecting a reduced offer, Mazuma would increase the offer slightly, which customers found frustrating and untrustworthy.
  • Customer Service Issues: Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service, mentioning delays in communication, lack of clarity, and issues with the return of their devices.
  • Return Issues: In cases where customers rejected the revised offer and asked for their phones to be returned, some mentioned that their phones were returned without the original box and accessories, or that the return process was not smooth.
  • Trust and Honesty Concerns: A notable number of reviewers have labeled the company as untrustworthy or dishonest, based on their experiences of discrepancies between their own assessment of their phone’s condition and the assessment provided by Mazuma.
  • Delay in Payment: Some customers experienced delays in payment even after agreeing to the revised offer.
  • Better Offers Elsewhere: A few customers mentioned that they were able to get better prices for their phones elsewhere, particularly after Mazuma reduced their initial offer.
  • Alleged False Damage Claims: Some reviewers allege that Mazuma claims false damages or issues with the phones to justify reducing the initial offer.
  • Operational Issues: A few customers mentioned operational issues like delays in processing the phones or in providing updates regarding the status of the transaction.

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