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Meelie Mobile & Contact Information

Legal NameTMT First Limited
Date Founded5 April 2006
AddressHolditch House, Holditch Road, Newcastle, Staffordshire, England, ST5 9JQ
Phone Number01782 576931
Email Address[email protected]

Meelie Mobile Trustpilot Rating

Meelie Mobile is rated 4.5 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Meelie Mobile

Based on the reviews from Trustpilot for Meelie Mobile, here’s a summary of the positive feedback from customers:

Most reviews are about selling phones to Meelie Mobile.

  • Quick and Hassle-Free Process: Customers appreciate the straightforward and rapid process. For instance, one customer mentioned that the entire transaction took only 5 working days, which was simpler than other services they had used.
  • Excellent Communication: Customers frequently mentioned the excellent communication they received from Meelie Mobile. They were kept informed at every step, from the receipt of the device to the payment.
  • Prompt Payment: Many reviewers highlighted the promptness of the payments. They received their money quickly, often the day after Meelie Mobile received their device.
  • Honesty and Transparency: Customers value the transparency and honesty of Meelie Mobile. They received the amount they were initially offered, and there were no hidden fees or reductions.
  • Competitive Prices: Meelie Mobile offers competitive prices for devices. One customer mentioned receiving £460 for an iPhone 13 Pro in mint condition.
  • Sustainability: One reviewer appreciated that Meelie Mobile plants a tree for every device they buy.
  • Easy to Use: The process of selling a device to Meelie Mobile is described as easy and straightforward by multiple customers.
  • Positive Customer Service Interactions: Several customers mentioned positive interactions with Meelie Mobile’s customer service.
  • Buying Experience: While most reviews were about selling phones, there was at least one review about buying a phone from Meelie Mobile. The customer mentioned purchasing a Samsung S8 second hand at a good price and recommended buying from Meelie Mobile.

In conclusion, customers seem to have a very positive experience with Meelie Mobile, especially when selling their phones. They appreciate the company’s transparency, prompt payments, and excellent communication.

What customers hate about Meelie Mobile

Summary of Negative Reviews for Meelie Mobile:

Based on the negative reviews, most of the complaints are related to the selling of phones to Meelie Mobile rather than buying from them. Here are the main issues customers have raised:

1. Reduced Offers After Inspection

Many customers reported that after sending their phones in good condition, Meelie Mobile claimed the phones were damaged or faulty and significantly reduced their initial offers. For instance, one customer sent an iPhone 13 in working order but was told it looked like it had been damaged and the offer was reduced from £378 to £115.

2. Discrepancies in Phone Condition

Several reviewers mentioned that the condition of the phone as described by Meelie Mobile did not match the actual condition when they sent it. Some even received photos of phones that did not resemble theirs, suggesting potential mismatches or misleading practices.

3. Counter Offers and Claims of Damage

Customers felt that Meelie Mobile frequently used tactics to lower the initial offer by claiming damages or issues that were not present when the phone was sent. For example, a Samsung S20 in immaculate condition was claimed to have a ‘lifting back’ and the offer was reduced from £137 to £41.

4. Issues with Phone Returns

Some customers who rejected the counter offers and asked for their phones to be returned found discrepancies in the condition of the returned phone compared to when they sent it. One customer even suggested taking photos of the device before sending it to have evidence of its condition.

5. Responses from Meelie Mobile

The company did respond to many of the negative reviews, often asking for reference numbers to further investigate the claims. However, the pattern of complaints suggests recurring issues with the company’s evaluation process.

6. Recommendations to Avoid the Company

Due to their experiences, several reviewers advised potential customers to avoid using Meelie Mobile’s services and consider other options.

It’s important to note that these are summaries of negative reviews and may not represent the overall sentiment or experiences of all Meelie Mobile customers. The source of this information is the Trustpilot page for Meelie Mobile.

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