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Eager to sell off your iPhone or a different mobile model? Phone recycling agencies are worth exploring. They give an upfront price, manage the shipping logistics, and upon thorough vetting, they’ll purchase your gadget.

It’s no secret that all mobile recycling firms aren’t alike. There’ve been accounts of some adjusting device evaluations or not meeting customer expectations. MobaLoca is at your service, contrasting these trade-in entities to help you decide.

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Mobile Jungle & Contact Information

Legal NameAccoil Recycling Limited
Date Founded26 February 2014
AddressUnit 4, Romeo Business Centre Purfleet Industrial Park, London Road, South Ockendon, England, RM15 4YD
Phone Number+44 (0) 333 344 4585
Email Address[email protected]

Mobile Jungle Trustpilot Rating

Mobile Jungle is rated 4.8 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Mobile Jungle

Summary of Positive Reviews for Mobile Jungle

Customers appreciate Mobile Jungle primarily for selling their phones, and here are the key positive aspects they highlighted:

  • Quick and Efficient Service:
    • Customers often received payment on the same day that Mobile Jungle received their phones.
    • The process from getting an online quote to payment is typically described as simple and fast.
  • Fair and Honest Pricing:
    • Many reviewers expressed satisfaction with the pricing, noting that Mobile Jungle often offered more than other companies.
    • The company was praised for honoring the quoted prices and not attempting to lower them upon receiving the phones.
  • Effective Communication:
    • Updates via email about the status of the transaction and prompt payment notifications were appreciated.
    • Customer service was highlighted for resolving issues and answering questions promptly and professionally.
  • Reliability and Trustworthiness:
    • Several reviewers noted that they received the full quoted amount without quibbles about the condition of the phones.
    • The company was often chosen due to its positive reviews and was recommended for being trustworthy.
  • User-Friendly Experience:
    • The ease of the entire process, from sending the phone to receiving payment, was highlighted.
    • Packaging for sending phones was typically received quickly, and the overall transaction process was straightforward.
  • Quality of Customer Service:
    • Positive interactions with customer service, including resolving pricing disagreements and answering queries, were noted.
    • The company was recommended to friends and family by several reviewers due to the quality of service.
  • Recommendations and Repeat Business:
    • Multiple reviewers stated that they would use Mobile Jungle’s services again in the future.
    • The company was recommended to others, with some reviewers noting they chose Mobile Jungle even if the price was slightly lower due to the positive reviews.

In summary, customers value Mobile Jungle for its swift and straightforward service, fair pricing, and reliable customer service when selling their phones.

What customers hate about Mobile Jungle

Summary of Negative Reviews for Mobile Jungle:

Customers have expressed various concerns and negative experiences with Mobile Jungle, particularly in the areas of downgraded offers, warranty issues, misleading descriptions, delayed or no payments, communication issues, accusations of scam, issues with phone recycling, warranty rejections, and processing delays. Below is a detailed breakdown of these issues based on customer reviews:

Downgraded Offers

Some customers reported that after sending their phones, the condition of their phones was downgraded from what they had initially assessed, leading to a reduced offer. For instance, a phone initially assessed as “excellent” was downgraded to “good condition,” resulting in an £80 reduction from the original quoted offer.

Warranty Issues

There were complaints about the company not honoring their warranty. One customer mentioned purchasing an “A grade reconditioned iPhone XR” with a 12-month guarantee. However, when the phone started malfunctioning, Mobile Jungle invalidated the warranty due to a claimed ‘white residue’ inside the phone.

Misleading Descriptions

Some users felt that the descriptions provided by Mobile Jungle for phone conditions were misleading. They received lower offers due to minor issues like a small crack or a few tiny scratches, which they believed should not have significantly affected the phone’s value.

Delayed or No Payments

A few customers mentioned delays in receiving payments after accepting a revised offer. In some cases, they had not been paid even after a week.

Communication Issues

Several customers highlighted communication problems with Mobile Jungle. Some mentioned not receiving any communication after sending their phones, while others mentioned delayed responses to emails and calls.

Accusations of Scam

A few customers felt that the company was trying to scam them. For instance, one customer was told their phone had an unresponsive touch screen and was offered a significantly lower amount. However, upon requesting the phone to be returned, they found it to be in perfect condition.

Issues with Phone Recycling

Some users who sent in their phones for recycling felt that the company was trying to undervalue their phones. They mentioned that the company labeled their phones as “faulty” even when they had light wear and tear.

Warranty Rejections

There were instances where phones sent in for warranty repairs were rejected on the grounds of accidental damage, even when the customers believed that no such damage had occurred.

Processing Delays

Some customers mentioned that it took a long time for Mobile Jungle to process their phones once they were sent in.

From the reviews, it appears that there were complaints related to both buying and selling phones. However, the majority of the negative reviews seem to be centered around selling phones to Mobile Jungle rather than purchasing from them.

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