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Mozillion & Contact Information

Date Founded6 March 2019
AddressThe Old Casino, 28 Fourth Avenue, Hove, BN3 2PJ
Phone Number020 4516 3885
Email Address[email protected]

Mozillion Trustpilot Rating

Mozillion is rated 4.8 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Mozillion

Summary of Positive Reviews for Mozillion:

Most of the reviews on Mozillion’s Trustpilot page revolve around both buying and selling phones. Here’s a breakdown of what customers love about Mozillion:

  • Shopping Experience: Customers found the shopping experience to be great with competitive prices.
  • Prompt Payments: Those who sold their phones mentioned receiving the full price offered for their phones swiftly.
  • Clear Communication: Customers appreciated the confirmation received after sending off their phones and the quick payment after the phone was checked.
  • Quality of Phones: Many buyers were pleased with the condition of the phones they purchased. Some even mentioned that the phones looked brand new or were in better condition than described.
  • Fast Shipping: Several reviews highlighted the quick delivery times. Some customers received their phones the very next day after making a payment.
  • Pricing: Customers found the prices on Mozillion to be good, with some even highlighting the significant savings they made compared to other retailers.
  • Website Usability: The website was described as easy to use, clear, and concise.
  • Range and Warranty: Customers were impressed by the range of devices and condition categories offered. The inclusion of a 24-month warranty was also a positive point for many.
  • Customer Service: The customer service provided by Mozillion was described as outstanding, with some customers highlighting the efficiency and user-friendliness of the platform.
  • Overall Satisfaction: Many customers expressed their intent to use Mozillion again in the future, both for buying and selling phones.

In conclusion, Mozillion seems to have garnered a lot of positive feedback from its customers, with many praising the company’s service, product quality, and overall experience.

What customers hate about Mozillion

Summary of Negative Reviews for Mozillion:

  • Issue with Phone Locking: A customer bought an iPhone 14 pro max that was supposed to be unlocked. However, upon arrival, no UK SIM CARD was accepted. The customer faced challenges trying to contact Mozillion for a resolution.
  • Battery Life Discrepancy: A customer received an iPhone from Mozillion, which was flagged as faulty due to its battery life being at 79%. However, the customer claimed that when charged, the battery reached 98%. The customer was charged £15 to get the phone back.
  • Misleading Product Availability: A customer chose and paid for a phone that was listed as available on the website. However, the phone was not in stock, leading the customer to believe there was false advertising. The customer ended up with a phone they hadn’t chosen.
  • Defective Phone: A customer purchased an iPhone 14, which had several defects, including calls dropping out, issues with podcasts, and a slow-running clock. Although a replacement was provided, the company did not refund the postage costs as promised.
  • Delivery Delays: A customer chose Mozillion due to its high Trustpilot score and good reviews. Despite promises of next-day delivery, the phone took four days to arrive without any clear explanation for the delay.
  • Delivery Issues with Royal Mail: Multiple customers expressed dissatisfaction with the use of Royal Mail for deliveries. They faced challenges in receiving their phones, with some preferring other couriers that provide specific delivery time slots.
  • Incorrect Phone Specification: A customer ordered a phone with 12gb ram but received an 8gb ram variant. The company claims to conduct 90 checks on phones, but this basic specification was overlooked.
  • Trade-in Rejection: A customer tried to trade in an iPhone, but Mozillion rejected it, stating it didn’t meet their “Poor” grade. The customer later received a better offer from another company that graded the phone as “good.”
  • Questionable Phone Authenticity: A customer sold an iPhone 12 Pro Max to Mozillion. The company returned the phone, claiming one of the cameras had a non-genuine part. The customer was dissatisfied, stating the phone was originally from a reputable provider.
  • Audio and Camera Issues: A customer bought an iPhone 12 on Mozillion and discovered a glitch with the camera and a crackling audio issue. The phone had to be returned.
  • Inflexibility with Address Changes: A customer was unable to change the delivery address after placing an order. As a result, they had to wait two weeks to receive the phone at the original address.
  • Order Cancellation: A new customer ordered an iPhone 13 Pro Max. After placing the order, they received an email stating that the company was unwilling to sell the phone, leading the customer to believe that their personal information was taken without intent to fulfill the order.

From the reviews, it appears that there are issues related to both buying and selling phones on Mozillion. However, the majority of the negative reviews seem to be centered around buying phones, with concerns about product quality, delivery, and customer service being the most common themes.

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