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musicMagpie & Contact Information

Legal NameMusicmagpie PLC
Date Founded13 June 2007
AddressStockport Exchange, Railway Road, Stockport, England, SK1 3SW
Phone Number+ 44 333 555 0101
Email Address[email protected]

musicMagpie Trustpilot Rating

musicMagpie is rated 4.4 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about musicMagpie

  • Variety of Products: Customers appreciate the extensive range of CDs, DVDs, blu-rays, games, and tech products available on musicMagpie.
  • Quality and Condition: Many customers mentioned that the products they received, especially refurbished tech items like iPhones and iPads, were of high quality and in very good condition.
  • Fast Dispatch and Customer Service: The company is praised for its fast dispatch of products and its responsive customer service team.
  • Easy Selling Process: Several reviews highlight the ease of selling items to musicMagpie, especially phones. One customer mentioned the SmartDrop kiosk, which allowed them to get money in their account minutes after dropping off their phone.
  • Competitive Prices: Customers find the prices of products bought from musicMagpie to be competitive. Some even mentioned getting bargains on refurbished phones.
  • Reliability: The company is described as reliable, with products arriving promptly and in the condition described.
  • Recycling and Buyback Services: Customers appreciate the convenience of recycling old or damaged phones through musicMagpie. The company’s buyback service is also praised for honoring the quoted prices for items.
  • Overall Satisfaction: Many customers expressed overall satisfaction with their transactions, praising both the buying and selling processes.

In terms of whether most reviews were about buying or selling phones:

  • Buying: Several reviews mention purchasing products, especially tech items like iPhones and iPads, from musicMagpie and being satisfied with the quality and condition.
  • Selling: A significant number of reviews also discuss the ease and convenience of selling items, particularly phones, to musicMagpie.

What customers hate about musicMagpie

Regarding Buying or Selling Phones:

  • Selling Phones: Many customers complained about their experience selling phones to musicMagpie. Issues include:
    • Kiosk malfunctions when trying to sell a phone.
    • Promised “same day payment” not being honored.
    • Quotes for phones being reduced after inspection, even when the phone was in good condition.
    • Delays in payment or no payment received at all.
    • Items being lost or not returned in full (e.g., missing cables).
    • Feeling low-balled on offers, especially for phones with general wear and tear.
  • Buying Phones: Some customers also had issues with buying phones from musicMagpie:
    • Purchased refurbished phones being overpriced.
    • Issues with battery life on purchased phones.
    • Glitches and overheating problems on purchased phones.
    • Delays and issues with delivery, especially when using Royal Mail.
    • Incorrect item grading and descriptions.

Other Notable Complaints:

  • Difficulty in contacting customer service and getting issues resolved.
  • Feeling misled by the company’s practices and promises.
  • Issues with other products, like laptops and Xboxes, not just phones.
  • Some customers felt that musicMagpie was not trustworthy based on their experiences.

From the reviews, it appears that there are more complaints about selling phones to musicMagpie than buying phones from them. However, both buying and selling experiences have been mentioned in the negative reviews.

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