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Selling your iPhone or any other mobile phone? Think about utilizing mobile phone recycling businesses. They simplify gadget sales by offering you a potential price for your device and including pre-paid postage. Upon receiving and checking your phone, they’ll proceed with the purchase.

Not every mobile phone recycling agency stands up to the mark. Some might unexpectedly adjust your device’s price or have less than stellar customer service. MobaLoca’s role is to help consumers discern the best by juxtaposing trade-in services.

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Recycle Kings & Contact Information

Date Founded7 October 2013
Address5 Market Jew Street, Penzance, TR182HN
Phone Number01726 72949
Email Address[email protected]

Recycle Kings Trustpilot Rating

Recycle Kings is rated 4 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Recycle Kings

Type of Reviews

Most of the reviews seem to be about selling phones to Recycle Kings rather than buying from them.

Positive Aspects

  • Customer Service: Many customers praised the company’s customer service, describing it as “BRILLIANT”, “friendly”, “knowledgeable”, and “efficient”.
  • Prompt Payment: Several reviews mentioned receiving payment quickly, often within a day of the company receiving the phone.
  • Fair Pricing: Customers felt that they received a fair price for their phones, even if the screen was broken or if the initial quote was revised.
  • Transparency: The company provides regular updates via email and has a good website where customers can check the status of their order.
  • Easy Process: The process of selling phones to Recycle Kings is described as straightforward, with clear instructions and prompt responses.
  • Reliability: The company is seen as reliable, with many customers stating they would use the service again.
  • Quick Responses: Even when there were issues, such as delayed payments, the company was quick to respond and rectify the situation.

Minor Concerns

  • Some customers mentioned slight delays in receiving payment, but these were generally resolved quickly.
  • A few reviews mentioned that the initial quote for their phone was revised, but the new offer was still competitive.

Overall, Recycle Kings seems to have a positive reputation among its customers, especially for those looking to sell their phones. The company’s prompt service, fair pricing, and excellent customer service are frequently highlighted in the reviews.

What customers hate about Recycle Kings

  • Offers Reduced After Inspection: Several customers mentioned that after sending in their phones, the offers were significantly reduced. For instance, one customer mentioned that their phone, which had been in a protective case its entire life, was deemed to be in “poor condition with heavy marks everywhere” by Recycle Kings.
  • Disingenuous Practices: Some customers felt that the company was not transparent in their practices. One customer mentioned that they sent in a broken phone and were initially offered £15. However, after the company’s testing, the offer was reduced to £3.
  • Delayed Payments: A recurring issue seems to be delayed payments. Multiple customers mentioned that after sending in their phones, the payment process was extremely slow, with some waiting for weeks or even months. One customer mentioned having to chase the company daily to receive their payment.
  • Misleading Initial Offers: Some customers felt lured in by high initial offers, only to receive significantly lower offers after the company assessed their phones. For example, one customer was initially told their phone could be worth £105, but the company later offered only £65.
  • Issues with Returned Devices: A few customers mentioned problems when trying to get their devices returned after declining the company’s offer. One customer mentioned not receiving their device back after declining a significantly reduced offer.
  • Poor Communication: Several reviews highlighted a lack of communication from the company, especially when there were issues or delays. Customers felt that they had to constantly chase the company for updates.
  • Bribery for Positive Reviews: A couple of customers mentioned that after raising issues with the company, they were offered bribes in exchange for positive reviews.

From the reviews provided, it seems that most of the complaints are related to selling phones to Recycle Kings rather than buying from them.

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