Compare Phone Recycle Companies: Best 2024 Guide

Looking for the best platform to sell or recycle your old phone? You’ve come to the right place! At MobaLoca, we compare phone recycle companies in the UK to help you find the best!

Company reviews

LogoNameURLDate foundedCompany typeNumber of reviewsStar ratingOur review

we buy any gadget logo
We Buy Any Gadget
22/01/2018Limited364.6Read here

mozillion logo
06/03/2019Limited1,4644.8Read here

finito mobile logo
Finito Mobile
07/06/2018Limited3783.1Read here logo
Sell My Phone
17/07/2012Limited8544.4Read here

meelie mobile logo
Meelie Mobile
05/04/2006Limited2,6934.5Read here

we buy any phone logo
We Buy Any Phone
06/12/2012Limited23,1134.0Read here

the tech octopus logo
The Tech Octopus
25/01/2023Limited453.9Read here

sellmyiphone logo

Sell My iPhone,3003.8Read here

twig logo

20/06/2020Limited11,0004.5Read here

webuytek logo
01/09/2015Limited6,6004.9Read here

uber link logo

Uber Link
08/06/2018Limited2,0004.4Read here

recycle kings logo

Recycle Kings
07/10/2013Limited1524.0Read here

repair outlet logo

Repair Outlet
10/12/2015Limited6,7004.3Read here

the ioutlet logo

The iOutlet
08/03/2013Limited4,6004.8Read here

the techout logo

The Techout
31/08/2020Limited1094.8Read here

ur logo

23/02/2010Limited3,1004.5Read here

music magpie logo

13/06/2007PLC271,0004.4Read here

device central logo

Device Central
17/01/2022Limited594.5Read here

mobile jungle logo

Mobile Jungle
26/02/2014Limited7624.8Read here

mazuma mobile logo

Mazuma Mobile
17/08/2006Limited137,0004.3Read here

vendi logo

15/06/2018Limited8554.9Read here

spring logo

06/04/2011Limited4734.4Read here
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