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If you’re contemplating letting go of your iPhone or any other handset, mobile phone trade-in firms might be your best bet. They take the hassle out of selling by providing a quote for your gadget and a pre-paid shipping method. After examining your device, they’ll acquire it from you.

Keep in mind, mobile phone recycling businesses aren’t all the same. Some have a track record of inconsistent device pricing or lacking customer assistance. MobaLoca guides individuals in making enlightened choices through its comparison of trade-in companies.

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Repair Outlet & Contact Information

Legal NameCellcom Ltd
Date Founded10 December 2015
AddressWSF House, Unit 3C, Park Road East, Calverton, NG14 6LL
Phone Number0800 970 9427
Email Address[email protected]

Repair Outlet Trustpilot Rating

Repair Outlet is rated 4.3 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Repair Outlet

Buying vs. Selling

The reviews primarily focus on the purchase of parts from Repair Outlet. There isn’t a clear distinction between reviews about buying or selling phones specifically, as the emphasis is on purchasing parts.

What Customers Love

  • Speedy Service: Customers appreciate the fast service, with products like sim card trays arriving within a day of ordering.
  • Product Quality: Products received are as displayed on the website, and they work perfectly.
  • Value for Money: Some customers mentioned that the products are of good value for the price.
  • Excellent Communication: The company maintains good communication with its customers.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Issues, such as damaged parts, are quickly addressed and rectified by the company.
  • Recommendations: Many customers recommend the service and are satisfied with their purchases.
  • Clear Website: The website is easy to use, and products are easy to find, even for those who aren’t technically inclined.
  • Packaging: Items are well-packaged and arrive in good condition.
  • Quality of Parts: Some customers highlighted that they found the right quality parts at Repair Outlet after being let down by cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

Overall, customers seem to have a positive experience with Repair Outlet, praising their service, product quality, and responsiveness.

What customers hate about Repair Outlet

1. Buying vs. Selling

The majority of the negative reviews are related to buying parts or services from Repair Outlet. There is one notable review about selling a phone to them, where the customer felt that the company purposely damaged the phone to lower the quoted price.

2. Issues with Parts

  • A customer bought a keyboard for their MacBook, but some keys didn’t work. The company didn’t have a replacement in stock and refused to cover the fitting costs.
  • Another customer mentioned that the part they ordered didn’t fit correctly.
  • A part for a Google Pixel 6 camera was not recognized as genuine by the phone, rendering the camera non-functional.
  • A customer received a part that was not new and had scratches.
  • Another customer received a screen that was not the one they ordered.

3. Delivery Issues

  • A customer waited for their order for over a week and was later informed that the company didn’t have the item in stock.
  • Another customer’s delivery was left on the doorstep instead of the front porch, and the package was missing when they returned home.
  • Some customers mentioned that their goods never arrived, and in one case, the courier lost the package.

4. Product Authenticity and Quality

  • A customer received a cheap knock-off controller instead of an OEM part.
  • Another customer’s screen broke easily even with a shockproof cover.
  • A customer received a used wireless charging coil that was listed as an “OEM Part”.

5. Customer Service

  • Some customers mentioned not receiving timely responses or any response at all from the company.
  • A customer felt that the company purposely damaged their phone to offer a lower price than initially quoted.

6. Other Issues

  • A customer was not warned that a Samsung calibration would be needed for a fingerprint scanner they purchased.
  • Another customer received a damaged back glass for their phone.

In summary, customers have raised concerns about the quality and authenticity of parts, delivery issues, customer service responsiveness, and the company’s practices related to buying phones from customers.

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