Sell iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Selling Guide

How much can I sell my iPhone 12 for?

The resale value of the iPhone 12 frequently fluctuates, which is why we continuously monitor what recycling firms are willing to pay for the iPhone 12 at any given moment. Just take a glance at our up-to-date comparison chart to see the most current prices for the iPhone 12. Remember, the state of your iPhone plays a crucial role in determining its value; a device that’s in mint condition fetches a higher price than one that’s damaged or not working properly. You’ll have the option to select the specific condition of your device from a dropdown list. Remember, the price will also vary depending on the network it’s locked to and its storage size.

What is the best place to sell iPhone 12?

Numerous options exist for selling your iPhone 12, with mobile phone recycling services being among the favoured choices. These companies offer an immediate estimate for your device based on the details you submit, and make the process for you to exchange your phone for money straightforward. Typically, they supply either pre-paid packaging or, at minimum, a pre-paid shipping label, simplifying the process of parting with your old smartphone. Alternatively, platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace present other avenues to cash in your previous iPhone. However, it’s worth noting that these marketplaces might result in less money and potentially more complications during the selling process.

How to trade in your iPhone 12 to a recycling company?

Trading in your iPhone 12 with a recycling service is an easy step-by-step process:

1) Locate your device
Navigate through our site to find your model. Ensure you select the accurate storage size, network, and condition to receive a precise quote.
2) Pick an offer
Review the offers from various mobile recycling companies in our comparison chart. Opt for the offer that suits you best.
3) Post your phone
Mail your device to the recycling company using the supplied pre-paid shipping label.
4) Receive your payment!
Now comes the exciting part. Sit back and enjoy your cash reward!

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