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Debating on whether to sell your iPhone or some other mobile? Mobile phone trade-in platforms might be the way to go. They simplify the ordeal by pegging a price to your old unit and dispatching pre-paid shipping material. After a thorough inspection of your device, they’ll seal the deal.

It’s worth noting that the standards among mobile phone recycling firms can differ. Some might not be straightforward with device pricing or offer unsatisfying customer care. MobaLoca’s mission is to help you discern the best by contrasting these services.

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SellMyiPhone & Contact Information

Legal NameTotal Business Consultants Ltd
Date Founded8 February 2011
AddressHalsgrove House Lower Moor Way, Tiverton Business Park, Tiverton, Devon, England, EX16 6SS
Phone Number0203 150 1570
Email Address[email protected]

SellMyiPhone Trustpilot Rating

SellMyiPhone is rated 3.8 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about SellMyiPhone

Based on the reviews from Trustpilot for “Sell my iPhone”, the following insights were gathered:

Most of the reviews are about selling phones to the company rather than buying from them. Here are the key positive points that customers mentioned:

  • Ease of Selling: Many customers found the process of selling their phones to be straightforward and hassle-free. One reviewer mentioned, “Couldn’t be easier to sell your phone – get a price, sent it free and they pay you – same day.”
  • Quick Payment: Several reviews highlighted the speed at which payments were made once the phone was received and assessed by the company. For instance, one customer said, “I posted my phone on Friday afternoon… yet I’ve just received payment into my bank account! (Tuesday pm).”
  • Fair Pricing: Some customers felt that the quotes provided by Sell my iPhone were competitive, and in some cases, higher than other companies. A reviewer noted that even though their phone was in poor condition, the offer was over £100 more than competitors.
  • Good Customer Service: There were mentions of the company’s excellent customer service, with one customer stating, “Customer service was brilliant… each time the customer service was excellent, cannot fault.”
  • Transparency and Honesty: A few reviews appreciated the company’s transparency in their dealings. One customer was pleased that the company stuck to the price they initially quoted.
  • Efficiency: The overall efficiency of the service was praised by multiple customers. Comments like “Very quick service, highly recommended” and “Efficient but offers likely to be reduced” were common.
  • Packaging and Postage: Customers appreciated the quick dispatch of the post pack and the ease of sending their phones back to the company.

While most reviews were positive, there were a few mentions of phones being downgraded upon inspection, leading to a reduced offer. However, in most cases, customers seemed to understand the reasons for the downgrade and found the revised offers to be fair.

In summary, customers love the ease, transparency, and efficiency of the selling process with Sell my iPhone, along with their competitive pricing and prompt payment.

What customers hate about SellMyiPhone

Based on the reviews from Trustpilot for “Sell my iPhone”, here’s a summary of the complaints from customers:

Nature of Reviews

Most of the reviews are about customers selling their phones to the company rather than buying from them.

Misleading Quotes

Many customers complained that after sending their phones based on an initial quote, the company significantly reduced the offer, often citing reasons like scratches or damages that the customers claim were not present when they sent the device.

Condition Disputes

Several reviews mentioned that the phones were sent in perfect or near-perfect condition, but the company claimed they were damaged or had scratches. Some customers even took photos of their devices before sending them to have proof of their condition.

Packaging and Return Issues

Some customers mentioned that when their phones were returned (after rejecting the revised offer), the phones came back in worse condition, sometimes without the original packaging or accessories. There were also complaints about the company using inadequate packaging which might have led to damages during transit.

Customer Service

There were complaints about the company’s customer service, with some customers feeling that the company was not responsive or helpful in addressing their concerns.

Misleading Practices

A few reviews mentioned that the company might be intentionally damaging phones or falsely claiming damages to reduce the offer. Some customers felt that the company relies on the fact that many people won’t go through the hassle of getting their phones returned and might accept a lower offer.

Delivery and Address Issues

There were instances where the pre-packaged box sent by the company had an incorrect address, leading to delivery issues.

Payment Issues

Some customers were unhappy with the payment methods, mentioning additional fees when choosing certain payment options.

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