The Tech Octopus: The Ultimate 2023 Review Comparison

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The Tech Octopus & Contact Information

Legal NameTech Octopus Limited
Date Founded25 January 2023
AddressThe Hive, 47 Lever Street, Machester, M1 1FN
Phone NumberNone
Email Address[email protected]

The Tech Octopus Trustpilot Rating

The Tech Octopus is rated 3.9 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about The Tech Octopus

Buying Phones:

  • Great Value & Communication: Customers appreciate the great communication, on-time delivery, and the value they get. For instance, one customer mentioned that the iPhone 12 Pro Max they purchased looked and functioned like new.
  • Condition & Warranty: Phones delivered are in immaculate condition and show no signs of deterioration in their operating system. Additionally, the company offers a 12-month warranty on their devices.
  • Prompt Delivery: Phones are delivered promptly and safely packaged.
  • Affordability & Reliability: The company is known for its affordable prices, reliability, and fast response times.
  • Excellent Phone Condition: One customer mentioned that the phone they received was everything they wanted and felt like they couldn’t have gotten a better phone even if they had bought a new one.

Selling Phones:

  • Seamless Experience: Selling phones to Tech Octopus is described as a seamless experience. They offer competitive prices and the entire process is hassle-free and efficient.
  • Quick Payment: Many customers highlighted the quick payment process. For example, one review mentioned that they received the money on the same day the company received the phone.
  • Constant Updates: Customers appreciate the constant updates they receive throughout the selling process.
  • Hassle-Free Process: The entire process, from logging onto the site to receiving payment, is described as first-class and hassle-free.
  • Fair Pricing: Even though some customers mentioned deductions from the original quoted payout, they found the reasons justifiable, especially if the phone had some scratches or issues.


  • Most of the reviews are about selling phones to The Tech Octopus, with a few reviews about buying phones from them.
  • The company is highly recommended by many customers for both buying and selling phones due to its excellent service, quick processes, and fair pricing.

What customers hate about The Tech Octopus

1. Issues with Purchased Phones:

  • A customer received a phone that wouldn’t charge and had to spend time cleaning the charging port. The condition of the phone was not as described.

2. Issues with Selling Phones to the Company:

  • A customer sent a phone in “as new” condition but was told there was an issue with the charging point, resulting in a significantly reduced offer.
  • Another customer felt the criteria for the phone’s condition were not accurately specified. They were offered a lower price than initially quoted.
  • Several customers mentioned that they sent phones in good condition but received reduced offers due to alleged signs of wear and tear or other issues. Some of these customers had taken photos of their phones before sending them and disputed the company’s claims.
  • One customer was quoted £65 for their phone but was later offered only £10 due to alleged faults.
  • Another customer was offered £265 for a working phone, but the offer was reduced to £205 after the company received the phone.

3. Communication Issues:

  • Some customers felt that the company was not transparent or communicative about the reasons for reduced offers.
  • A customer mentioned not having a way to contact the company about a reduced offer.

4. General Dissatisfaction:

  • Several reviews labeled the company as a “sham” or “scam” and advised others to avoid it.
  • Some customers felt that the company entices sellers with high initial offers but then reduces the offer once they receive the phone.

5. Positive Aspects:

  • Despite the negative reviews, some customers acknowledged that the company was quick in terms of communication and payment. However, they were disappointed with the reduced offers.

From the reviews, it seems that most of the negative feedback is related to selling phones to the company rather than buying from them. Customers frequently mentioned receiving lower offers than initially quoted after sending their phones in.

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