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The iOutlet & Contact Information

Legal NameJames Green Limited
Date Founded8 March 2013
AddressUnit 37a Sisna Park Road, Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom, PL6 7FH
Phone Number01752 696844
Email Address[email protected]

The iOutlet Trustpilot Rating

The iOutlet is rated 4.8 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about The iOutlet

Most reviews were about buying phones from The iOutlet rather than selling them. Here are some of the key points that customers loved about The iOutlet:

  • Quick and Efficient Trade-In Process: Customers appreciated the swift trade-in process, where they could easily send in their old devices and get paid promptly.
  • Quality of Purchased Devices: Many customers were pleased with the condition of the phones they purchased. They mentioned that the devices were exactly as described, with some even stating that they couldn’t believe the phones weren’t brand new.
  • Customer Service: The iOutlet’s customer service received high praise. Specific staff members, such as Aaisha and Holly, were frequently mentioned for their helpfulness and efficiency.
  • Swift Delivery: Customers were happy with the quick delivery of their purchased items.
  • Resolution of Issues: In cases where customers faced issues with their purchases, The iOutlet was quick to address and resolve them. This included offering replacements for faulty devices.
  • Communication: The company was commended for its rapid responses to emails and phone calls, as well as providing regular updates to customers.
  • Value for Money: Some customers felt that they received excellent value for their money, especially when purchasing refurbished phones.
  • Recommendations: Many reviewers mentioned that they would recommend The iOutlet to others and would be repeat customers themselves.

In summary, customers seem to love The iOutlet for its quality products, excellent customer service, and efficient processes, especially when buying phones.

What customers hate about The iOutlet

1. Product Issues:

  • An iPad Air 2 with 16GB had most of its storage taken up by the iPadOS and System Data, leaving very little usable space.
  • A customer received an iPad mini that had failed testing after payment was taken.
  • A Grade A Lenovo Yoga laptop was delivered with food in the keyboard, marks/scratches on the screen, and an intermittent broken pixel.
  • A Google Pixel phone was returned due to charging issues, which the customer believed was because the Pixel 6a only charges from official USB Type-C cables.
  • An iPhone 13 Pro labeled as Grade A came with a broken camera lens.
  • Another customer received an iPhone SE 2020 with a significant scratch on the back.
  • One customer mentioned that there’s always a risk with refurbished phones, citing issues with two phones they purchased.

2. Customer Service and Communication:

  • A customer felt that a staff member at the Estover store was unwelcoming and impolite.
  • Several customers experienced delays in delivery and poor communication regarding their orders.
  • Some customers felt that the company was not reliable, citing undelivered phones and unresponsive email addresses.
  • A customer who sent their iPhone for sale felt that the offer was revised for no apparent reason, implying deceitful practices.

3. Delivery and Shipping:

  • A customer was disappointed with the choice of carrier and after-sales support.
  • Another customer mentioned that their iPhone XR was not shipped on time.
  • A customer from Ireland was charged additional VAT and courier charges despite the website indicating “iOutlet Ireland.”

From the reviews, it seems that there are more complaints related to buying phones from The iOutlet than selling them. Issues range from product quality and functionality to customer service and delivery concerns.

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