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The Techout & Contact Information

Legal NameTechceptional Group LTD
Date Founded31 August 2020
AddressGrenville House, 9 Boutport Street, Barnstaple, England, EX31 1TZ
Phone Number+44 (0) 1271 624 368
Email Address[email protected]

The Techout Trustpilot Rating

The Techout is rated 4.8 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about The Techout

Buying vs. Selling

Most of the reviews pertain to buying services or products from Thetechout, such as purchasing phones or getting devices repaired. There is only one mention of a customer selling tablets to the company.

What Customers Love

  • Trustworthiness: Customers feel they are in safe hands with Thetechout. One customer mentioned buying an iPhone XR and appreciated that the staff set it up and transferred all their data before they left the shop.
  • Efficiency: Several reviews highlight the quick and efficient service. For instance, a customer had an issue with their computer, and Thetechout sorted it out in a few minutes.
  • Friendly and Helpful Service: Customers appreciate the friendly and helpful nature of the staff. They feel the company isn’t always looking to make money off them.
  • Going Above and Beyond: There are instances where the company went the extra mile, like when a child broke their phone screen during a holiday, and Thetechout ensured it was repaired promptly.
  • Expertise: Customers have praised the professional and expert advice they received. They also appreciate the company’s ability to diagnose and fix technical problems efficiently.
  • No Hidden Charges: Some customers were pleasantly surprised when they weren’t charged for minor fixes. For example, a customer who had an issue connecting their laptop to the internet was not charged after a representative quickly fixed the settings.
  • Transparency and Honesty: Customers feel at ease with Thetechout, trusting them with their personal data and devices. They also appreciate the company’s straightforwardness and honesty in their dealings.
  • Quality of Products: Some reviews mention purchasing phones and other devices from Thetechout and being satisfied with the quality.
  • Reasonable Prices: Customers find the prices for services and products to be reasonable.
  • Reliability: One customer mentioned selling tablets to Thetechout and found the process quick and reliable, with the company providing protective packaging and completing the testing and payment process swiftly.

In summary, customers seem to have a very positive experience with Thetechout, praising their trustworthiness, efficiency, friendly service, expertise, transparency, and reasonable pricing.

What customers hate about The Techout

Nature of Reviews

The reviews seem to be a mix of both buying and selling experiences. The first review mentions a revaluation of a phone, indicating a selling experience. The second review seems to be about a selling experience as well, where the customer sent in a phone and had issues with the service.

Positive Feedback

  • The first reviewer initially posted a negative review but later felt that the company deserved a better rating after they complained. The phone was in good condition without any scratches or dents. After the customer disagreed with the initial valuation due to battery health and scratches, they sent photos to Thetechout. The company then agreed to a new valuation, which, although not what the customer was expecting, was better than the first revaluation.

Negative Feedback

  • The second reviewer had a negative experience, stating poor service. They believed that Thetechout damaged their phone and found the company’s behavior disgraceful. The reviewer mentioned being called rude when they complained and felt that the company lied to Trustpilot about the genuineness of their review. This reviewer also mentioned being threatened with legal action and reported the company to trading standards.
  • Thetechout responded to this review, explaining their side of the story. They mentioned receiving a pin-locked and account-locked device from the customer and revalued the device due to the customer selecting the wrong model when placing the order. The company emphasized that they returned the handset free of charge and are always open to helping customers and explaining their processes.

In summary, while there is positive feedback about the company’s willingness to revaluate and provide better offers, there are also concerns about customer service and communication.

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