Uber Link: The Ultimate 2024 Review Comparison

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Considering offloading your iPhone or another mobile device? Phone recycling firms can be a beneficial route. They simplify the selling process by quoting a price for your unwanted gadget and offering free shipping materials. They’ll commit to buying once they’ve inspected your phone.

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Uber Link & Contact Information

Date Founded8 June 2018
AddressUberlink, First Floor, Unit 7, Riverside Court, Don Road, Sheffield, S9 2TJ
Phone Number0114 698 4201
Email Address[email protected]

Uber Link Trustpilot Rating

Uber Link is rated 4.4 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Uber Link

Most reviews seem to be about selling phones to the company rather than buying from them. Here are some of the positive aspects that customers highlighted:

  • Trusted Company: Customers chose Uberlink because they trust the company and have had previous accounts with them.
  • Quick and Easy Transactions: Many reviews mentioned the straightforward process, quick collection of phones, and good communication throughout.
  • Timely Payment: Customers appreciated the prompt payment once their phones were received and processed by the company.
  • Transparency and Communication: Customers were kept informed at each stage, either by text or email, about the status of their phones and the quotes provided.
  • Fair Pricing: While some customers noted that the final quote was lower than expected, they also mentioned that the company explained the reasons and made immediate payments.
  • Customer Service: The service was described as having a fast pace with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Best Offers: Some customers found that Uberlink provided the best offers for their phones compared to other sites.
  • Efficiency: The whole process, from sending the phone to receiving payment, was described as quick and simple by many reviewers.

In summary, customers love Uberlink for its trustworthiness, quick and easy transactions, transparency, fair pricing, and efficient customer service. Most of the reviews were about selling phones to Uberlink.

What customers hate about Uber Link

From the reviews, it seems that most of the negative feedback is related to the selling of phones to Uberlink rather than buying phones from them. Here’s a summary of the main complaints customers have about Uberlink:

  • Misleading Offers: Many customers reported that they were initially offered a certain amount for their phones, but once Uberlink received the phones, the offer was significantly reduced. This was a common theme, with some customers stating that the revised offer was drastically lower than the initial one.
  • Condition Disputes: Several reviews mentioned that they sent phones in good or even perfect condition, but Uberlink claimed there were issues or damages that weren’t present when the customer sent the phone. Some customers even mentioned that they had evidence (photos) of the phone’s condition before sending it.
  • Issues with Returns: Some customers who rejected the revised offer faced challenges in getting their phones returned. There were complaints about delays, lack of communication, or even not getting the phone back at all.
  • Packaging and Accessories: A few customers mentioned that they were penalized for not sending the original box or charger, even though they claimed it wasn’t a stated requirement. One review mentioned that the original box was taken by the courier, but then Uberlink claimed it wasn’t received.
  • Customer Service: There were complaints about poor customer service, with some reviewers stating that emails were not answered, and it was difficult to get in touch with the company.
  • Other Issues: Some customers felt that the company’s practices were misleading or even fraudulent. There were also mentions of the company being unresponsive or trying to negotiate even after the customer rejected the revised offer.

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