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ur & Contact Information

Legal NameBuyur Ltd
Date Founded23 February 2010
AddressUnits 11-15 Lancaster Fields, Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom, CW1 6FF
Phone Number0333 222 6595
Email Address[email protected]

ur Trustpilot Rating

ur is rated 4.5 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about ur

Nature of Reviews: Most of the reviews are about customers selling their phones to UR.co.uk rather than buying from them.

Positive Aspects Highlighted by Customers:

  • Simple and Straightforward Selling Experience: Customers found the process of selling their old devices to UR.co.uk to be straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Quick Payment: Many reviewers mentioned that they received payment quickly, often on the same day they agreed to the offer or shortly after UR.co.uk received and checked their device.
  • Honest Pricing: Several customers appreciated that UR.co.uk honored the quoted price for their devices, even if they were broken or had issues. Some also noted that the company offered higher valuations compared to other companies.
  • Excellent Communication: Customers were kept informed at every stage of the selling process through emails, making them feel secure and aware of the progress.
  • Efficient and Friendly Customer Service: Reviewers mentioned that the staff was helpful, efficient, and genuinely cared about the customer service they provided.
  • Easy-to-use Website: The website was described as user-friendly, with fast delivery of postage emails and updates at every stage of the device checking process.
  • Recommendations: Many customers stated that they would highly recommend UR.co.uk to others based on their positive experiences and would use the company again in the future.

Overall, UR.co.uk seems to have built a strong reputation for its phone buying service, with many customers praising its transparency, efficiency, and customer-centric approach.

What customers hate about ur

Based on the reviews from UR.co.uk, here’s a breakdown of the main issues customers faced:

Selling Phones:

  • Valuation Issues: Many customers complained about the discrepancy between the initial online valuation and the final offer made by the company. For instance, a customer mentioned that their iPhone 11 was initially valued at £256 online, but the company later claimed the screen was faulty due to a replacement and decided to send the phone back without a counter offer.
  • Order Cancellations: Several customers expressed frustration over the company canceling their orders without a proper explanation. This was particularly concerning for those who had locked in a price for their phones, only to have the order canceled, leading to potential financial losses.
  • Delayed Processing: Some customers mentioned delays in processing their phones, with the company taking longer than the promised 24 hours to check the phones.
  • Reduced Offers: A few customers felt that the company intentionally reduced their offers after receiving the phones, citing reasons like “deep scratches” even when the phones were in good condition.
  • Trust Issues: There were concerns about the company’s trustworthiness, with some customers feeling that the company was trying to defraud them by either not accepting phones or significantly reducing the offered price.

Buying Phones:

  • Stock Issues: One customer mentioned purchasing a refurbished iPhone, only to be informed later that the phone wasn’t in stock. Despite this, the company continued to send emails asking about the customer’s experience with the new phone. The phone eventually arrived 10 days later than expected.

From the reviews, it appears that most of the complaints are related to selling phones rather than buying them.

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