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Vendi & Contact Information

Legal NameElysian AI Limited
Date Founded15 June 2018
AddressSB.311 China Works, Black Prince Road, Vauxhall, London, SE1 7SJ
Phone Number+44 203 917 8055
Email Address[email protected]

Vendi Trustpilot Rating

Vendi is rated 4.9 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about Vendi

This is a summary of positive reviews about Vendi.

Customers Appreciate Vendi for Various Reasons

Customers appreciate Vendi primarily for its efficient and straightforward service in buying phones. Here are some aspects they love:

  • Quick and Easy Transactions: Customers have highlighted the speed and ease of transactions with Vendi. The process from sending the phone to receiving payment is often very quick, sometimes occurring on the same day.
  • Communication: Vendi keeps customers informed throughout the process, sending notifications at every step, such as when the phone is received and when payment is made.
  • Pricing: Several reviews mention satisfaction with the pricing, both in terms of the competitive prices offered for buying phones and the prices when they sell devices.
  • Convenience: The home collection service and the use of couriers like DPD for pick-up and delivery are noted for saving time and adding convenience to the process.
  • Reliability: Customers have expressed trust in the company, noting that they received the promised payment without issues and often at the quoted price.
  • Customer Service: Positive experiences with customer service and the company’s communication were highlighted, including clear instructions and prompt responses.
  • Repeat Business: There are instances of repeat business, with customers coming back to use Vendi’s services again, indicating overall satisfaction.

In terms of whether reviews were primarily about buying or selling phones, the majority of the positive reviews focus on selling phones to Vendi, appreciating the smooth process, and quick payment. There is at least one review that mentions purchasing from Vendi, which was also positive, praising the accurate description and pricing of the purchased device.

What customers hate about Vendi

Summary of Negative Reviews for Vendi

Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Vendi primarily in the context of selling their phones to the company. Here are the main points of contention:

1. Inconsistent Pricing and Down-Valuation:

Customers have reported that after sending their phones to Vendi, the company often down-values them, citing issues or damages that the customers were not aware of. Some customers felt that the reasons given for down-valuation, such as minor scratches or being under a retailer’s policy, were not justified. There are instances where Vendi offered a lower price after receiving a phone, even if it was brand new and sealed.

2. Logistical and Delivery Issues:

A customer reported a significant loss (£2,000+) due to a refusal of delivery and a lack of refund, despite tracking showing a return to sender. There were issues with tracking and delivery claims, with Vendi and the postal service having conflicting information.

3. Customer Service and Communication:

Some customers felt that Vendi’s responses to their issues were not satisfactory or did not resolve the situation. There were reports of ignored messages and a lack of clear communication in some instances.

4. Software Issues for Purchased Phones:

A customer who purchased a phone (iPhone 13 Pro Max) from Vendi reported that it had been enrolled in Developer’s Beta Testing and had a non-standard iOS version installed, which required effort to reset.

5. Concerns About Authenticity of Reviews:

There is skepticism from a customer about the authenticity of the 5-star reviews given the experiences shared in the negative reviews.

6. Packaging Concerns:

Vendi does not provide packaging for sending off devices, which was inconvenient for a customer.

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