We Buy Any Gadget: The Ultimate 2024 Review Comparison

Welcome to our comprehensive review of We Buy Any Gadget.

If you’re looking to part with your iPhone or another mobile device, phone recycling organisations can be a worthy option. They determine your gadget’s value, provide you with a pre-paid mailing pack, and after careful evaluation, they’ll acquire the device.

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We Buy Any Gadget & Contact Information

Legal NameWBAG Ltd
Date Founded22 January 2018
Address20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU
Phone Number0845 643 4871
Email Address[email protected]

We Buy Any Gadget Trustpilot Rating

We Buy Any Gadget is rated 4.6 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about We Buy Any Gadget

Summary of positive reviews for We Buy Any Gadget:

Service Quality

Many customers appreciated the “great service” provided by the company. They found the staff to be “very helpful” in resolving any issues or concerns they had.

Ease of Process

Several reviewers mentioned that the process of dealing with the company was “easy.” Even when there were minor hiccups, they were resolved quickly and efficiently.

Competitive Pricing

Some customers highlighted that the price offered by We Buy Any Gadget was in line with other companies. In certain cases, they even offered more than many other companies, especially for gadgets that were cracked or not working.

Assistance with Devices

One customer expressed gratitude for the company’s help in wiping their device before sending it in. They also appreciated the prompt communication, with the company letting them know as soon as the device arrived.

Prompt Payment

A recurring theme in the reviews was the promptness of payment. Many customers received their payments quickly after their items were checked. Some even mentioned receiving payment the same day they sent in their gadgets.


Good communication was another aspect that customers appreciated. They received answers to their questions in a timely manner, and the company kept them informed throughout the transaction process.


Several reviewers stated that they would recommend the company to others. Some even went as far as calling it the “best service ever” and the “easiest & fairest organisation of this type” they have dealt with.

From the negative reviews, it appears that most of the feedback is related to selling phones or gadgets to the company rather than buying from them.

What customers hate about We Buy Any Gadget

Summary of Negative Reviews for We Buy Any Gadget:

Based on the negative reviews, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with We Buy Any Gadget for the following reasons:

  • Delayed Payments: A recurring issue is the delay in payments. Customers have reported waiting for extended periods, sometimes over a month, to receive payment for their devices.
  • Poor Communication: Many customers have mentioned that the company does not respond to emails or phone calls. Some have stated that the phones never get answered, and there’s a lack of updates regarding the status of their devices.
  • Downgraded Offers: Several customers have reported that after sending their devices, the company downgraded the initial offer, citing various faults with the devices. Some customers disagreed with these assessments, believing their devices were in the condition as described when sent.
  • Non-Payment Issues: Some customers have claimed that they never received payment for their devices, even after waiting for an extended period.
  • Customer Service Concerns: There are reports of poor customer service, with customers feeling they have been treated poorly or ignored.
  • Operational Delays: Some customers mentioned that the company cited a backlog of orders, especially during the Christmas and New Year period, as a reason for delays.
  • Device Return Issues: A few customers who disagreed with the downgraded offers asked for their devices to be returned. Some experienced delays in getting their devices back.
  • Misleading Quotes: Some customers felt that the quotes provided on the website were misleading, especially when selling broken or faulty devices. They felt the company used the condition of the device as an excuse to offer a lower price than initially quoted.

From the reviews, it appears that most of the complaints are from customers who used the service to sell their phones to We Buy Any Gadget.

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