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WeBuyTek & Contact Information

Date Founded1 September 2015
AddressUnit 15 The Hub, Commerciall Road, Darwen, Lancashire, United Kingdom, BB3 0FL
Phone Number0330 223 2197
Email Address[email protected]

WeBuyTek Trustpilot Rating

WeBuyTek is rated 4.9 stars on TrustPilot.

What customers love about WeBuyTek

Most reviews are about selling phones to We Buy Tek.

Customers appreciate the following aspects of We Buy Tek:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Many customers mentioned the speediness and reliability of the service. They received boxes for their phones promptly, and payments were made quickly after the phones were tested.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: The process from start to finish is described as easy and hassle-free. The company provides prepaid packaging at no cost for next-day delivery.
  • Transparent Communication: Customers receive regular updates via text and email throughout the process, keeping them informed about the status of their phones.
  • Fair Pricing: Several reviews highlight that the full quoted price was paid directly to their bank accounts on the same day We Buy Tek received their devices. There’s an emphasis on the company not reducing the initial quote upon receiving the phone, which seems to be a common issue with other similar services.
  • Trustworthiness: Multiple customers mentioned that they have used We Buy Tek’s services more than once and wouldn’t trust any other company for this purpose.
  • Quick Payment: The speed of payment after the phone is received and tested is a recurring positive point. Many reviews mention receiving payments in less than 24 hours after posting their phones.
  • User-Friendly: The service is described as easy to use, even for older individuals. The process of sending back the phone is straightforward, and the company provides clear instructions.
  • Recommendations: A significant number of reviews end with customers highly recommending We Buy Tek to others.

In summary, customers love We Buy Tek for its quick, transparent, and hassle-free service when selling their phones. The company’s trustworthiness and fair pricing also stand out as major positives.

What customers hate about WeBuyTek

  • Valuation Reduction: A recurring complaint is that the company often reduces the initial valuation of the phones after they receive them. Customers have reported significant reductions in the offered price, sometimes by as much as 50% or more, even when they believe their phones were in very good condition.
  • Condition Disputes: Several reviewers mentioned that they sent phones in excellent or good condition, but the company claimed there were issues such as scratches, screen burns, battery problems, or other damages that the customers did not agree with.
  • Delayed Returns: Some customers who declined the revised offers reported delays in getting their phones returned. One reviewer mentioned it took 4 days to get their phone back after declining an offer.
  • Damage During Return: There were instances where customers claimed their phones were returned with damages that weren’t present when they sent them. For example, one customer mentioned receiving their phone back with a crack in the screen.
  • Payment Issues: A few customers experienced issues with payments, either receiving less than expected or facing delays in payment.
  • Trust Issues: Some reviewers felt that the company’s practices were untrustworthy or sharp, especially when it came to offering higher prices initially and then trying to reduce the valuation upon receipt.

From the reviews, it appears that most of the complaints are from customers who were selling their phones to “We Buy Tek” rather than buying phones from them.

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